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The Team

The Cast

Betrys                                                  Gwawr Loader

Pinkie                                                   Meilyr Sion

Moondyne Joe, J.P.Morgan                   Richard Nichols

Annie Jones, Old Jenny                        Bethan Mai

Young Jenny                                         Heledd Gwynn






The Creative Team

Writer & director                             D J Britton

Composer and Musician                 Andy Tamlyn Jones

Designer                                        Bethany Seddon

Welsh translation                           Jon Gower

Puppet master                               Benjamin Ho

Production  manager                     Sarah Morgan

Assistant Stage Manager               Isobel Howe

Artistic consultant                          Philip Mackenzie

Script advisor                                 Jasmine Metcalfe

Creative technicians                      Andrew Knight, Wyn Fellowes, Erich Talbot


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