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Follow Me

Robert Browning’s epic poem The Pied Piper, is beautifully re-imagined for our time by Olivier Award-winning playwright; Mike Kenny.

Jimmy, the sole child survivor, who was unable to keep up with the Piper, retells the story as he now stands for the town’s post of Lord Mayor. Who will follow him? Who will support democracy?

Follow Me is performed by Jay Lusted (from the BBC documentary; Born Small: The Wedding) with music created and performed live by Christopher Preece.


Follow Me

The Pied Piper revisited by Mike Kenny

Directed by Phil Clark    

‘So come near.

Very near

There is music that only the young can hear.

Can you hear it?

Is it there?

It’s the music that comes from a world that plays fair.’



Follow Me | Dewch Gyda Fi retells the events of the day the Pied Piper skipped out of town!

Jimmy, the sole child survivor, gives his first-hand account of that fateful day that changed the lives of the town dwellers forever!

Award-winning playwright, Mike Kenny brings Robert Browning’s epic poem – The Pied Piper of Hamelin – into the 21st century. With stunning storytelling, Follow Me is a playful yet empowering performance, with themes of honour and justice overcoming prejudice and greed.

Now grown older, Jimmy runs for Town Mayor. Will you ‘Vote for Jimmy’ as he asks you to ‘Follow Me’?

Brimming with live music especially created and performed by musician Christopher Preece, you will enjoy a poetic, lively and slightly cheeky performance as Jimmy recalls the day the Pied Piper led all the other children out of town. 

Robert Browning’s epic poem The Pied Piper, about the disappearing children of Hamelin, has been loved by thousands across the world, for hundreds of years. In this new play which was first created in 2016, the story is beautifully re-imagined for our time.


Wednesday 15th March 1pm (performance in English)

Book for Dewch Gyda Fi - performance in Welsh, here.

Archebwch i Dewch Gyda Fi, y perfformiad yn Gymraeg, yma

Dates and Times:

Wed 15th Mar


Pricing Information:

Full price:£ 8.50
Family price:£ 31
Under 18's:£ 8.50

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