Great Hall Event - Morriston Orpheus Choir


Morriston Orpheus Choir

Morriston Orpheus Choir is the great exponent of the Welsh male voice choral tradition.

This large choir has performed in many great venues including the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall and routinely draws plaudits wherever it appears.

Its most recent triumph was the Centenary of the Battle of The Somme where the 10,000 people gathered at the Thiepval Memorial and the millions more watching on television were brought to tears by the choirs outstanding rendition of Abide with Me.

Morriston Orpheus Choir maintains a massive repertoire of traditional and modern pieces in English, Welsh and other languages and is constantly developing new and impressive pieces. The great Welsh hymn tunes stir the soul and stoke the hiraeth. The popular songs lighten the spirit and bring a smile to the face. Whatever the genre the pieces are performed with feeling and delivered perfectly.

The high standards of the Morriston Orpheus Choir are assisted by the excellent musical staff who are all professional musicians and renowned in the Welsh musical scene.

Saturday 17 June 7pm

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Sat 17th Jun


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Full price:£ 18

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