Student Offers

Discounted tickets

At Taliesin and the Great Hall, we aim at giving cultural access to those who can’t always afford it. That’s why we have set up special prices for Swansea University students so that you can enjoy a film, a play or a broadcast from London without thinking twice:

  • Any live shows (dance, drama, theatre, music...) = £5
  • Any broadcast events (National Theatre, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company...) = £5 on the day (door price)
  • Any films = £6


Join our student membership scheme!

As a Swansea University student, you can call in to Taliesin and sign up for a free membership card which entitles you to your first 3 live events absolutely free!

This special offer is subject to availability.

Here's a list of helpful tips for you to use your £15 credit:

  1. Go on our website on
  2. Click on the top button 'Book online' and then on 'Login or register'. Enter your registered email address
  3. Click on 'Forgot your password?' to set your password
  4. Once set, this will link your student membership to your online account to allow access to your student special offers
  5. You can spend your £15 credit for any live event of your choice. This amount allows you to get 3 tickets for free. And you can even invite a friend and a family member. Enjoy!

And once you’ve used your credit you can still enjoy our special student prices!


Student Societies

We collaborate with some Students Societies such as the LGBT+, the Drama Society (Shoreline Theatre) and the Film Society. We offer special discounts to them and give them the opportunity, from time to time, to organize and lead Q&A before or after some of our films or live shows, as well as to meet with the artist(s) or the director.

If you'd like to be part of this fantastic opportunity with your Society, please email us at