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Seeds + Deeds

Seeds and Deeds - A Winter of Wellbeing Project with the National Waterfront Museum, Gower College, Leonard Cheshire and Jamie Panton Video Services.


 Seeds and Deeds (Behind the scenes) - Taking part in filming and volunteering in the Graft Garden with students and volunteers.



The Graft Garden at the National Waterfront Museum established in 2018 welcomes people of all backgrounds, age groups and abilities to learn about sustainable methods, environmental ideas, and practical skills. Through being involved in these activities people gain confidence, meet new people and benefit from many health and wellbeing impacts such as fresh air and exercise.  They learn about seed to plate ethics, sustainability and growing amongst other things.

The Seeds and Deeds project will seek to tell the story of the Graft garden and why it has become important to people in Swansea. Taliesin, WFM, local film makers and animators will help to meet the needs of young people interested in exploring film making, sound and storytelling. The project will enable a production group to set a brief and complete the process of production of a short original film. During the project the participants will learn digital skills, meet new people, work as a team and gain an education in community engagement and environmental ideas.