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Taliesin exists to enrich the cultural life of the region by presenting arts experiences for audiences in our spaces and on the streets of Swansea. A key part of what we do, involves collaborating with artists, audiences, and communities to create innovative and ambitious joint projects. 

We seek to:

  • Create space for collaboration and empowerment 
  • Work with our community to help us become the most relevant arts organisation for Swansea by considering audiences in all decisions  
  • Develop artists who share our values and vision. 
  • Work with artists with shared values and vision, enabling development and collaboration in bringing projects to life.
  • Enable international perspectives to be seen and understood side by side with local pressing issues. 

    You can find out more about our work with artists and communities here.

    Should you wish to work with Taliesin on a project which you feel aligns with our vision, please contact Taliesin by email : info@taliesinartscentre.co.uk  

    You can find out more about Taliesin’s purpose and vision  here.