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The Dong With a Luminous Nose 

Wednesday 20th October 1PM  + 4:30PM | Taliesin

Edward is a bit of an oddball. A shy and troubled boy, he is always watching the horizon, waiting for something to happen. Then one day “the Jumblies” arrive, and his life is turned upside down… then shaken about a bit… and then a bit more! 

With a huge and colourful cast of abstract and figurative puppets, this absurd take on Edward Lear’s nonsense classic explores that difficult age between being a child and becoming an adult. Dancing chairs, a troublesome telephone and a swarm of shape-shifters all play their part in this tale of a lonely boy who has difficulty facing up to the facts. 

Described by The Guardian as “a deliciously visceral experience that leaves the young audience with their skin tingling and their curiosity piqued”, The Dong with A Luminous Nose is an exciting new take on this classic story, ideal for families with children aged 7 and above. Brought to you by the designer/director and composer partnership behind Little Angel Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland and The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me.

Ticket Prices

  • Full price: £ 10
  • Family price: £ 35

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The Dong With a Luminous Nose