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Dance Days 

Saturday 24th July - Sunday 25th July | Taliesin

Saturday 24 July Brynmill Park 

Sunday 25 July Ravenhill Park

This weekend's events are still going ahead, weather permitting.  Online booking has now closed for 24-25 July, but if you have not already booked there will be availability on-site.  

For the 16th edition of Swansea’s FREE International Dance Festival, Taliesin goes “local” as well as offering a digital programme. This year, Taliesin brings together performers from across and around the UK, for our live outdoor dance festival, which will take place in Brynmill Park and Ravenhill Park.



MIMBRE: 'Lifted'


Saturday 24 July Brynmill Park  1pm, 3.15pm

Sunday 25 July Ravenhill Park 12.15pm, 3pm

MIMBRE: 'Lifted'

Mimbre’s new outdoor production ‘LIFTED’ is a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means when one body is carried by another. Or when one person carries two people. Or when a person doesn’t want to be carried. Or when three people find the perfect balance.

Created in collaboration with three guest choreographers, Yi-Chun Liu, HURyCAN and Gary Clarke, this captivating performance experiments with new approaches to Mimbre’s trademark acrobatics. Lifted mixes dance, theatre and circus to celebrate the expressions and impressions that appear when three strong women move, lift and balance each other.

Mimbre is a female-led company creating nuanced, breath-taking and highly skilled acrobatic theatre. They use circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections and promote a positive image of women. Through strong imagery, visual poetry and emotional content, their work aims at a broad and non-traditional theatre audience.



Follow Mimbre: Facebook @mimbreacro | Twitter @Mimbre_Acrobats | Instagram @mimbreacrobats



Saturday 24 July Brynmill Park  2.15pm, 4.20pm

JUST US DANCE THEATRE COMPANY: ' Born to Protest'  is part of a Hip-Hop dance theatre sequel Joseph Toonga is curating to highlight black excellence. It follows the male duet created in 2019 ‘Born to Manifest’ that toured to 14 UK venues in 7 months in 2019/2020 illuminating the experiences of young black British men. It responds to the relentless incidents that continue to occur today and simultaneously champions cultural identity and challenges racial stigmas.

The performance does contain monkey chants which could act as trigger and are loud.

JUST US DANCE THEATRE:  Joseph Toonga is the founder and artistic director of Just Us Dance Theatre. His visceral, hybrid language utilises the hip hop form and culture with linear extensions from contemporary practices to communicate real life stories. Extending and sharing the rich cultural offer of hip hop accessible for audiences and participants of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and cultures.



Born to Protest highlights the experiences of young black British men and women, responding to the incidents that continue to occur today. It simultaneously champions cultural identity and challenges racial stigmas. The performance does contain monkey chants which could act as trigger and are loud.


Follow Joseph Toonga: Facebook @Justusdancetheatre | Twitter @JToonga | Instagram @josephtoongacreates

SPLATCH ARTS with LEYTON JOHN: 'Bring Me Sunshine'

Sunday 25 July Ravenhill Park 1.20pm, 4.10pm

SPLATCH ARTS with LEYTON JOHN: 'Bring Me Sunshine'

A physical theatre and circus collaboration with disability artist Leyton John and Splatch Arts. A comedic visual display of Leyton’s alter ego’s that re-enact his ‘real’ feelings towards disempowering comments on disability. A family friendly visual spectacle with a whiplash motive.

Splatch Arts and Leyton John give a playful, heartfelt and family friendly account of Leyton’s own experience of multiple sclerosis; causing a fiercely independent individual to feel he has lost his voice, his identity stripped down to his wheelchair.

Two mischievous circus performers act in turn, as devil’s advocate and the voice of reason. The three characters develop a friendship through listening, and creating ultimate harmony through acceptance of others but more importantly, acceptance of oneself.

Bring Me Sunshine explores social perceptions of disability in a light-hearted and authentic reflection of real-life events.


Follow Splatch Arts : Facebook @Splatch.Splatch | Twitter @SplatchCardiff | Instagram @splatch.splatch


photo: Jordan Fuge

f.a.b. – THE DETONATORS: ‘Afanc’


Sunday 25 July Ravenhill Park 2.10pm, 5pm

f.a.b. – THE DETONATORS: ‘Afanc’

This is the story of rubbish. Yes rubbish…

and what we do with it

and what it then does to us…..

It’s the story of a girl who faces her fear and makes friends with a monster. But the people of her town won’t listen and capture the monster….only to get their come-uppance.

Based on the ancient Welsh legend of ‘Afanc’ the show explores our relationship with nature and takes a look at our most precious resource – water – and what can happen if we don’t look after it.

International duo Maggi Swallow and Tiago Gambogi (f.a.b. – The Detonators)  bring you this fun, family-friendly theatre show with plenty of songs, ingenious recycled costumes and big teeth!

Llun / Photo: Tiago Gambogi

Dance Days 

This year, all Dance Days live outdoor events are free but ticketed. This is to ensure a safe and, above all, enjoyable experience for all. 

We advise that you book in advance as places may be limited.  

This is a live outdoor event. Please dress, and come appropriately prepared for the weather. We may need to alter or even cancel some performance times in response to weather conditions or any other circumstances.

Dance Days is live at Ravenhill Park bowling green on Saturday 10 July and Sunday 25 July and live at Brynmill park bowling green on Sunday 11 July and Saturday 24 July. 

Ravenhill Park, SA5 5AW: Swansea - Ravenhill Park

Brynmill Park, SA2 0JQ:  Swansea - Brynmill Park


For the first time this year the dance festival is taking place across three weekends in July, for more fun and more opportunities to not miss a thing! It is also the second year that Taliesin is extending its programme to the world wide web and is choosing to present a Digital online version of Digital Dance Days. See the programme for  SATURDAY 10 JULY AND SUNDAY 11 JULY  also taking place in Brynmill and Ravenhill Parks. Explore the online programme in DANCE DAYS DIGITAL, which includes bookable interactive workshops,  available on 3 July, as well as pre-recorded performances and masterclasses.