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changing ENERGY 

Wednesday 16th June 12pm | Taliesin Broadcast

with Dr Ellie Standen, Joanna Clarke, Dr Samiya Selim and Andy Middleton (Chair), and a creative provocation by Suzanne Dhaliwal.

Over half of the carbon in the earth’s atmosphere emitted by the burning of fossil fuels has been produced since 1989. Our ever-growing hunger for energy to heat us, cool us, move us and produce our goods and homes has precipitated the current climate and ecological crises.

So what, in a sustainable, one-planet world, does the future of energy look like? From where will we be getting our energy in thirty years time? How will we travel and if we do, how far will we go? Will our homes and offices continue to be energy drains, or will they become clean energy producers? Will we have reached net zero, and if so, how did we do it? And perhaps most importantly, will our creativity and innovations have ensured the world’s remaining stocks of fossil fuels have been kept in the ground, or will they continue to have been burnt as carelessly as they have been for the last thirty years? We’ll explore these questions and more in this vibrant discussion, the fifth event in our Everything Change programme, running online from 10-19 June 2021.


This event will be broadcast live and include a Q&A session where audiences will be able to join in the discussion.

Booking is essential to access this free, online event.  Live English-language captioning will be available.


Dr Ellie Standen is currently investigating ways to restore damaged climate systems at the Centre for Climate Repair at the University of Cambridge having previously worked in low carbon energy consultancy, accelerating the deployment of low carbon transport and hydrogen energy systems through developing demonstration projects and viable business models.  As a civil servant she worked on environmental taxation.

Joanna Clarke is a registered architect, currently employed as a Design Manager at SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre, Swansea University, where her role is to support the design and delivery of Active Building projects, which combine solar energy generation and energy storage to reduce the overall energy consumption and carbon emissions of buildings.

Dr Samiya Selim is Associate Professor and Director of Center for Sustainable Development, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Her specialization lies in the interdisciplinary areas of social-ecological systems, sustainability science, climate change adaptation and resilience, and science-policy interphase. Her current work is focused on coastal Bangladesh, and addressing equity and sustainable livelihoods in blue economy development.

Andy Middleton is a lifelong sustainability activist driven by the joy and creativity of helping leaders from different sectors set ambitions bold enough for the tough times ahead. He’s Founder and Chief Exploration Officer at TYF Adventure, a member of the Innovation Advisory Council for Wales, Co-Lead of Wales Transition Lab, a Founding Partner at the Do Lectures and Mentor with Unreasonable Impact.

Suzanne Dhaliwal has led artistic interventions to challenge fossil fuel investments globally and currently works as a creative practice tutor and freelance consultant. In 2009, she co-founded the UK Tar Sands Network, which challenged BP and Shell investments in the Canadian tar sands in solidarity with frontline Indigenous communities, spurring the internationalisation of the fossil fuel divestment movement. Her corporate and financial campaigning spans over a decade, including spearheading a European coalition to challenge the insurance industry on their underwriting of highly polluting coal and tar sands projects. In 2018 she was voted one of London's most influential people in environment by the Evening Standard.

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changing ENERGY