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Dance Days 2020 – Digital

If you  missed Taliesin's Dance Days Digital over the weekend, worry not. All the events are available to view until Friday 31 July on the Taliesin You Tube channel  - TaliesinSwansea  - please note that Kitsch n Sync BEDRAGGLED  is available to view on  the Taliesin Facebook page -   @taliesinfanpage.       


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2 Faced Dance Company MOON      - AD -  Audio description.

 Kitsch & Sync Collective BEDRAGGLED 

National Dance Company Wales (NDCWales) Clapping



Dance workshops for age 4 and up presented by NDCWales Ambassador Angharad Harrop (bilingual).

NDCWales dance workshop for children – Clapping Kids

NDCWales dance workshop for all ages (includes BSL) – RYGBI

 NDCWales dance workshop for children – Discover Dance

Better Together  - Celebrating some of the amazing companies we've hosted at Dance Days past, their successes and how they've kept creating magic in lockdown! @taliesinfanpage

Adverts (Kitsch n Sync)

County Youth Dance Company -   With In/Out


NDCWales Rygbi: Annwyl i mi / Dear to me

NDCWales Revolution is in the air - join the P.A.R.A.D.E

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This year's Digital Dance Days is presented by Taliesin Arts Centre with the kind support of National Dance Company Wales.

In other years, Dance Days is staged on the streets of Swansea, providing an opportunity for all to see the best in dance performance from local and international companies. Taliesin appreciates the much-valued support given for these outdoor events by National Waterfront Museum, Swansea Council, and Articulture .

View Preview:

Dance Days 2020 – Digital Friday 24 & Saturday 25 July

Friday 24 July 6.30pm



Moon is a spectacular outdoor dance and circus production for families by 2Faced Dance Company. Follow Jack as he meets The Moon and together they embark on an amazing adventure; what secrets and surprises will they discover on their quest? Watch Jack’s world come to life with aerial hoop, breathtaking dance and a whole host of mess and mayhem.

Our online presentation of this performance contains audio description.

Co-commissioned by The Birmingham Weekender and BIDF 2018.


Direction: Tamsin Fitzgerald

Choreography: Tamsin Fitzgerald and Company

Music: Angus Macrea

Dancers: Louis Parker Evans, Jason Boyle, Sean Moss and Sam Buswell

Filming: Dan Lowenstein


Friday 24 July 7pm LIVE

Kitsch & Sync Collective


Behold the bedraggled beauties, swept up on the shore, serenading shipwrecked sailors with their sublime, sultry sounds…..

“Hang on a minute now luv, you talkin’ about us or sumfink??”

These mermaids are not like the ones you’ve heard about in fairy tales! They are feisty and up to something fishy …expect underwater warblings, mermaid mambo manoeuvres, fish maracas, octopus opera and much much more!…..a family friendly, fun-filled comedy dance performance…..remember, don’t feed the mermaids, they may bite!!!

Pioneers of all things vintage, retro and wonderfully absurd, Kitsch & Sync are an exciting and unique addition to any event. Audiences can expect an infectious blend of surreal characters, quirky choreography and stylish costumes.

Please note this is a LIVE performance on Facebook


Friday 24 July 7.30pm

National Dance Company Wales


By Ed Myhill

NDCWales dancers joined together from across Wales, the world and the web to perform together again over Zoom for a new version of Ed Myhill’s ‘Clapping’.

‘Clapping!?’ by Ed Myhill is set to composer Steve Reich’s Clapping Music and uses rhythm as a driving force. The dancers use lively movement and clapping to create a soundtrack for the fun and dynamic dance.


Saturday 25 July 10.30am     


Dance workshops for age 4 and up. Presented by NDCWales Dance Ambassador, Angharad


Saturday 25 July 11.00am

Workshops for all ages

Presented by NDCWales and inspired by Clapping, and Rygbi: Annwyl i mi / Dear to me.

11am - Clapping Kids

11.15am -  Rygbi workshop – all ages

12pm-Discover Dance - all ages


Saturday 25 July 6.15pm

County Youth Dance Company

With In/Out

This film gives a diary account of lockdown life and touches on how dance has helped the young CYDC dancers escape.

CYDC is a youth dance company supported by Taliesin, which promotes contemporary dance for students aged 14-21. The company aims to develop young dancers’ skills through an educational structure involving technique and creative practice.


Saturday 25 July 6.30pm


Lifted is a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means when one body is carried by another. Or when one person carries two people. Or when a person doesn't want to be carried. Or when three people find the perfect balance. This captivating performance experiments with new approaches to Mimbre’s trademark acrobatics.

Devised and performed by Silvia Fratelli, Rosy Roberts and Freya Stokka.

Developed in collaboration with Arthur Bernard Bazin (HURyCAN), Gary Clarke and Yi-Chun Liu (Peeping Tom).

Director | Lina Johansson

Composer | Ted Barnes

Costume Designer | Bettina John

Lifted is supported by Without Walls and Arts Council England, and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival.


Saturday 25 July 7.15pm

National Dance Company Wales - Rygbi: Annwyl i mi / Dear to me

Rygbi: Annwyl i mi / Dear to me is a short outdoor dance performance that celebrates rugby in Wales and the hopes, glory and passion of rallying together on and off the pitch.

Rugby and dance are connected through their expertise in movement and through dedicated performances of power and emotion.

The sport fuses speed with skill, tears with joy and camaraderie with pride and brings together communities to create legends; and in Rygbi, we rewrite that in dance.


Saturday 25 July 7.45pm

National Dance Company Wales

Revolution is in the air - join the P.A.R.A.D.E

Featuring dance, music and a renegade aerial robot, P.A.R.A.D.E is an epic spectacle created by National Dance Company Wales performed indoors and out at the Wales Millennium Centre in 2017 to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

Audience members were recruited to join the workers revolution and taken on a journey around the Bay where they witnessed a story unfold through art instillation, ballet, contemporary dance and performance.

The event was created with the artist Marc Rees, choreographers Caroline Finn, Lee Johnston and Marcos Morau and with music from BBC National Orchestra of Wales, performers from Rubicon Dance and Aerial artist Kate Lawrence.

Filmed by The Space in October 2017 at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.