Taliesin Live - Kamil and Francis


Theatr Cadair presents

Kamil and Francis

A new play by  D.J.Britton

Winston Churchill famously said “better jaw-jaw than war-war”.  Kamil and Francis highlights the possibilities for peace through talking and listening. The play marks the 800th anniversary of the extraordinary meeting between Saint Francis of Assisi and Sultan al-Kamil of Egypt  in 1219.  Amid the brutality of the Fifth Crusade, Francis crossed the battle lines and sat down with the Sultan. No-one knows precisely what was said  but both men were deeply affected by the experience,  as  events which followed were to demonstrate. Francis and Kamil examines how the power of personal friendship can overcome ill-informed prejudice, offering us fresh hope on current conflicts in the Middle-East and elsewhere.   Unsurprisingly for those who know Britton’s total-theatre approach (as seen in The Wizard the Goat and the Man Who Won the War)  this new play is also very funny and involves troubadour song, table-football, a mischievous translator  and the horrors of Italian food in a time before the discovery of tomatoes and pasta.

"Dynamic and absorbing. Every truth runs parallel with the political ethnic and religious divisions that beset us today. That Francis, Kamil and DJ.Britton have served up these ’delights’ so deliciously tells us that there still maybe some hope left."   THEATRE IN WALES

Image copyright "Francis and the Sultan" by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM, Courtesy of Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Province.

Thursday 24 & Friday 25 October 7.30pm


Prices and Times:

Thu 24th Oct - Fri 25th Oct


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Full price:£ 12
Under 18's:£ 10
Full time students:£ 10
Senr.Citizens:£ 10
Other Conc.:£ 10