Taliesin Live - National Dance Company Wales: Awakening


National Dance Company Wales


Choreography by: Fernando Melo, Caroline Finn and Marcos Morau.

Three unique dances to amuse and amaze.

Afterimage is a journey of fleeting images; of appearance and disappearance. Mirrors are used on stage to form a unique theatrical experience where the past and the present collide with a poetic & creative style of dance.

Revellers’ Mass delves into a sumptuous world of ritual. An unlikely group gathers for a dinner party, where convictions, tradition and social etiquette are put to the test in an unexpected evening of revelry. The animated choreography and curious characters are Inspired by iconic paintings and historical events. 

Tundra traverses barren landscape where ultra-modern creativity blinks into life. This dance tears pages from the history books on Russian folk dance, the USSR and revolution, revitalising old ideas with renewed meaning. The bold design is inspired by art and cinema. A dance so robotically precise it’s as mesmerizingly beautiful as it is astounding.

Running time: 2hrs (inc. two intervals) plus 15min post-show talk

Thursday 4 April 7.30pm


Watch Dance Class: National Dance Company Wales open the doors to Company class with Watch Dance Class. Thursday 4 April 12.45pm (free to ticketholders but booking is required). Further information here.

Discover Dance:   Discover Dance is the perfect introduction to dance for families and schools. Friday 5 April 1pm (Suitable for youngsters 7 years and older). Find out more and book here.


Prices and Times:

Thu 4th Apr

Thursday 4 April 7.30pm: Awakening

Thursday 4 April 12.45pm: Watch Dance Class

Friday 5 April 1pm: Discover Dance


Pricing Information:

Full price:£ 14
Under 18's:£ 12
Full time students:£ 12
Schools.:£ 8
Senr.Citizens:£ 12
Other Conc.:£ 12