Taliesin Live - Ghazalaw


A Theatr Mwldan Ghazalaw Co-Production, originated by Wales Arts International

Tauseef Akhtar Vocal & Harmonium
Gwyneth Glyn Vocal & Guitar
Georgia Ruth Williams Harp & Backing Vocals
Ashish Jha Tabla
Sanjoy Das Guitar
Manas Kumar Violin

With support from Kizzy Crawford The sublime sounds of India and Wales combine in this unique and exquisite collaboration that brings together the Indian Ghazal and Welsh folk traditions. The 6-piece Ghazalaw is led by Mumbaibased Tauseef Akhtar (harmonium, vocal) and singer-songwriter Gwyneth Glyn (guitar, vocal) from Cricieth, North Wales. Together, they weave the love poetry of their two ancient traditions.

At first glance, India and Wales might seem to be distant relations, but dig a little deeper and we discover that Welsh folk and Indian Ghazal traditions evolve from ancient poetic forms which share surprising affinities. There is a strong historic linguistic link, as both the Welsh language and the language of the Ghazal both evolved from Sanskrit.

Ghazalaw will be joined by BBC Horizons artist of the year Kizzy Crawford as support.

“Ghazalaw is unique. It’s the inarticulate speech of the heart, voiced across cultures, continents and ages. It’s a record from the past, for the future.” ANDY MORGAN

Developed with the support of Wales Arts International, Arts Council Wales and Welsh Government, working in partnership with Air India.


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Sunday 8 November 7.30pm

Prices and Times:

Sun 8th Nov


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Full price:£ 13
Under 18's:£ 12
Full time students:£ 12
Senr.Citizens:£ 12
Other Conc.:£ 12

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Marvels Of The Universe & Theatr Mwldan 

Ghazalaw is the marriage of two great traditions of love poetry and traditional music: the ghazal singing of the Indian subcontinent and the folk song of Wales. It is the sublime musical meeting between acclaimed Indian ghazal singer–musician Tauseef Akhtar from Mumbai and Gwyneth Glyn, one of Wales’ leading singer-songwriters from Criccieth, North Wales.
The pairing for this UK tour is unique - ghazal singing has never been fused with any other musical tradition before – and reveals a remarkable and unexpected affinity between those two traditions. The ease with which they blend into something new and coherent is striking.
Tauseef Akhtar served a ten year ‘apprenticeship’ with the greatest ghazal singer of modern times, the ‘King of Ghazal’ Jagjit Singh, responsible for drawing ghazal singing out from its Muslim and Urdu enclave; Tauseef now carries the torch forwards with Ghazalaw. Gwyneth Glyn is steeped in the linguistic and poetic richness of her homeland, inspired by the landscape of Wales and centuries of tradition. Yet she stands at the forefront of a new Welsh generation keen to seek out and celebrate all the many affinities that tie two distant parts of the world together.
Tauseef and Gwyneth are joined from India by Ashish Jha (tabla), Manas Kumar (violin) and Sanjoy Das (guitar), and from Wales by Georgia Ruth Williams (harp, vocals) who earned two BBC Radio 2 Folk awards nominations in 2014 following the release of her debut album Week Of Pines.
Cerys Matthews describes the album, which was released earlier this year, as “the best new cross cultural album I’ve heard this year, perhaps the best new album full stop. I loved it so much, I decided to release it on my new label Marvels of the Universe - a label for distinctive, stand out recordings.”
Singer Tauseef Akhtar says “The ghazal audience has whole-heartedly welcomed Ghazalaw especially because of the blend of Welsh folk. Gwyneth Glyn is a treat for listeners. Her ability to understand and express the nuances of ghazal through Welsh folk is phenomenal. Georgia Ruth Williams adds more beauty to the whole experience through her silky voice and mesmerizing harp.”
Welsh folk and Indian ghazal traditions both evolve from ancient poetic forms, specifically, linguistically, Sanskrit. You’ll find a calmness too, distilled over centuries by the pens of poets and the hearts of unrequited lovers, a place of refuge where the deepest human emotions find the truest words.
Ghazalaw is unique. It’s the inarticulate speech of the heart, voiced across cultures, continents and ages. It’s a record from the past, for the future.