Taliesin Live - STEM Dance Company (Bangalore)



Concept: Umesh Ganjam

Visualization and choreography: Madhu Nataraj Vajra is a multimedia dance production created and performed by six dancers from Stem Dance Company in Bangalore. Vajra uses a blend of Kathak dance, mime and martial arts to create a series of arresting dance images in a very modern take on an old Indian theme; subverting our conventional view of an India where Bollywood and traditional dance reign supreme. Set to an original music score with new photography and stage design. STEM strives to create a dance vocabulary which explores the limitless possibilities of the human form. Motifs of Indian movement disciplines, original music, experiments with rhythm and interactive design come together to form the company’s signature style. Vajra gives us a hot insight into an emerging contemporary and exciting India.

Tickets on sale from Monday March 19th

Prices and Times:

Thu 3rd May


Pricing Information:

Full price:£ 11
Under 18's:£ 9
Full time students:£ 9
Senr.Citizens:£ 9
Other Conc.:£ 9