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New Futures / Dyfodolau Newydd

A community dialogue about what we can do together

Curated and led by Associate Artist Owen Griffiths and members of the Taliesin team

Through a series of online events and talks, Owen and members of the Taliesin team will work with communities and groups to look at how art centres are working with communities in a post-Covid world, and how Taliesin can enable a new kind of programme of work to take shape locally.

New Futures / Dyfodolau Newydd will work with community groups and local projects, as well as a number of community connectors to hold a series of conversations about what is needed, what is possible and what is missing, to collectively re-envisage the ways we connect, the meaning we make through our work and the ways we can collaborate in the future.

As we go, we’ll be creating an alternative map - we’ll be mapping the ‘edges’, spaces, communities, projects or places where culture meets life, work, environment, buildings, resources or community across the city. This evolving map, as well as our talks and events, will be a public online resource and form a new way of seeing this familiar landscape.