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Home and Hinterland

Now, more than ever, after being apart, experiencing isolation from one another, our friends, neighbours and communities should be able to come together, as we face the challenges of the coming years.  The aim of Home + Hinterland has been to bring people together, to share experiences and celebrate the differences between us and move towards our future together.

In a series of conversations, captured below, it poses questions about a future Wales that those  who took part,  want to see in a post-Covid, post-Brexit world, where the need for social cohesion and social justice are as pertinent as ever.


Home + Hinterland Waun Wen

A  short film exploring feelings and reminiscences of home and hinterland in Waun Wen, a Swansea neighbourhood. Made with the help of local volunteers and students- produced and directed by Taliesin Films in partnership with Jamie Panton Video Services, original score created with support from Simon Parton. Funded by  HEFCW.

“Walk Waun Wen, Talk Waun Wen. Rose talks to Jean”

A working class artist and a working class care worker reflect on the role of women as they were growing up and whether “working class” still exists.  

“Walk Waun Wen, Talk Waun Wen. Eileen talks to Cath”

Two close neighbours from different generations compare the similarities and differences of their lives in the area.

“Walk Waun Wen, Talk Waun Wen. Nathan talks to Jeff”

A Grandson and Grampa, Zoomer and Boomer, chat about the vast differences in their lives, separated by almost half a century.

These films are part of the Walk Waun Wen, Talk Waun Wen arts project, made by Melvyn Williams in the Pandemic Winter of 2021 / 2022. They feature local residents in conversation about their experiences of growing up and living in the area and reflections on working class life and community.



University Arts Centres, Taliesin Arts Centre, Abertystwyth Arts Centre & Pontio, Bangor University, have teamed up to undertake a socially engaged creative project; Home + Hinterland. Funded by HEFCW.

Simon Coates, Head of Cultural Services at Taliesin Arts Centre:

“The fact that this project will be devised by the communities and the participants is special in itself and symbolizes the nature of what we want to achieve together. I hope this project and partnership will pave the way for many others to follow.”

Dafydd Rhys, Director at Aberystwyth Arts Centre:

“I’m very excited about this project and how many different groups of people will be brought together. Civic mission is at the core of the three participating universities and this project will show how each university can lead the way in genuine social change in its community.”

Osian Gwynn, Pontio Arts Director:

“This partnership is vitally important and I believe it is the first time the three partners have come together to work on a creative project. Collaborating and co-working will be key to how we create genuine change and impact and this project embodies that ethos.”