Great Hall Music - WNO Orchestra: A Night in Vienna


WNO Orchestra 

A Night in Vienna

Following an extremely well received concert in 2018,  WNO Orchestra  returns in January with another popular New Year concert.

This year WNO present a programme with not just their talented orchestra but also the extra dimension of song to truly uncork the spirit of Vienna in the concert hall. Directed as usual by WNO Leader and Concertmaster David Adams, the concert opens with the irrepressible energy of Weber’s Oberon Overture. Harriet Eyley  is then featured as a soloist in extraordinarily elegant and virtuosic works by Fritz Kreisler.

In line with time honoured tradition, the Orchestra then takes you through a delightful selection of ever-popular Viennese waltzes, polkas and song which are known and loved the world over. Strauss’s Laughing SongCsárdás, Lehar’s Vilja, the evergreen  Blue Danube  and stirring  Radetsky March  are sure to make this a Very Happy New Year from WNO to you!


Concert programme

Weber: Oberon Overture
Mozart: Bester Jüngling
Kreisler: Liebesfreud
Kreisler: Liebesleid
Kreisler: Schön Rosmarin
Lehar: Meine Lippen sie küssen so heiss


Strauss: Die Fledermaus, Act 3, Entr’acte
Strauss: Eljen a Magyar
Strauss: Acceleration Waltz
Strauss: Perpetuum Mobile Polka
Strauss: Die Fledermaus, Mein Herr Marquis (Laughing Song)
Strauss: Sphärenklänge
Lehar: Vilja Lied
Strauss: The Blue Danube Waltz

Friday 4 January 7.30pm

Prices and Times:

Fri 4th Jan


Pricing Information:

Full price:£ 21
Under 18's:£ 16
Full time students:£ 5
Senr.Citizens:£ 16
Other Conc.:£ 16