Great Hall Literary Events - Marcus du Sautoy - The Creativity Code


Centenary Lecture Series

Curated and chaired by Swansea University Professor in Creativity Owen Sheers Owen Sheers

Marcus du Sautoy - The Creativity Code

Will a computer ever compose a symphony, write a prize-winning novel, or paint a masterpiece? And if so, would we tell the difference? Join mathematician, author and Oxford University Professor for the Public Understanding of Science Marcus du Sautoy as he explores the new developments in AI that are shaking up the status quo and asks how long it might be before machines come up with something creative, and whether they might jolt us into being more imaginative in turn.

Followed by a conversation with Professor Owen Sheers, Q & A and book signing.

Thursday 4 April 7.30pmĀ 

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Thu 4th Apr


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Full price:£ 8
Full time students:£ 5
Schools.:£ 5