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People and Place 

Friday 21st August - Saturday 26th September ,Friday 21 August - Saturday 26 September | Taliesin

15 Hundred Lives Contemporary Art Collective

People and Place

15 Hundred Lives’ collagist Sylvie Evans, printmaker Rose Davies and painter Graham Parker come together with powerful new bodies of work and pop up ‘artists in action’ events themed on people’s sense of being in the landscapes they experience, inhabit and shape.

Rose presents ‘Er Gof’, inspired by a visit to Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial in deepest winter, Graham shows ‘The sea – my dangerous lover’ which interprets the emotion, history and physicality of Swansea Bay and Sylvie portrays Swansea in a different light, disorientating and deceiving the viewer with plays on scale and perspective, masking the real from the imaginary.

In addition to their exhibition in the main gallery, the group will be presenting films, installations and live art events within Taliesin Arts Centre.


Live-action drawing with artist Rose Davies (Rosie Scribblah) at Taliesin Foyer. Part of the “People and Place” show at Oriel Ceri Richards.  www.scribblah.co.uk

2nd / 9th / 16th / 23rd  September     4.30pm-7.30pm


Watch Sylvie Evans cut with precision as she creates a new collage - “People and Place” at Oriel Ceri Richards.  www.15hundredlives.co.uk

4/11/25 September 4.30pm-7.30pm


Saturday 26th September 3.30pm - 4.15pm

Artist Rose Davies will take you behind the scenes into her world as an artist in this, the closing event of People and Place, 15 Hundred Lives.



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    People and Place