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Everything Change was a series of discussions and events which explored the roles creativity, adaptive thinking and storytelling can play in overcoming the challenges of climate and ecological crises. Rooted in Wales and with a global focus, the programme was originally streamed live online between 10th–19th June 2021. You can watch the programme playlist above, or select one of the individual events below.

Featuring an international array of contributors from across the arts and creative industries, as well as the sciences, law, business, public policy, activism and education,  Everything Change created a unique forum for generating debate and new ideas, driven by some of the most urgent questions of our times, and focusing on seven key areas of change: MoneyFoodWaterEnergyJusticeStory and Change itself. Over ten days, we gathered to consider how creative thinking might help shape the imaginative revolution we need to make meaningful action on the climate crisis feel not just vital, but possible.

When the Story Changes, with Margaret Atwood and Sadaf Saaz.

“Don’t tell artists what to do; they will figure it out.”

Two-time Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood explores the role storytelling might play in meeting the challenges of the climate crisis, with reference to her own work and remarkable career, in conversation with Sadaf Saaz, director of the Dhaka Lit Fest. WATCH NOW

changing MONEY, with Dr Emily Bacon, Oana Aristide, Shameran Abed, Suzanne Dhaliwal and Oliver Balch (Chair).

What new models and ideas might best alleviate poverty, and how might the principles of a circular economy become the norm? This event explored what alternative, innovative and creative economic models are on the horizon that might be part of the solution to the climate crisis.  WATCH NOW

changing FOOD, with Ian Rappel, Khushi Kabir, Owen Griffiths and Dee Woods, Raj Patel and Jon Gower (Chair). 

"We need a globalisation of learning from each other — not globalisation of produce."

We delve into some of the most damaging aspects of food in the modern world, while also going in search for some of the most creative, exciting and appetising solutions, with a panel of food specialists, artists and thinkers. WATCH NOW

changing WATER, with Aaron Thierry, Dr Saleemul Huq, Sabrina Mahfouz, Vikram Iyengar and Dr Faustina Pereira (Chair). 

"Water is the universal link between everyone on the planet." 

What is the future of our relationship to water, in a world where for some there will be too much and for others never enough? At the fourth Everything Change event we dive into the oceans, rivers and lakes of the world to explore the challenges and possibilities of its changing waters. WATCH NOW

changing ENERGY, with Dr Ellie Standen, Joanna Clarke, Dr Samiya Selim, Suzanne Dhaliwal, and Andy Middleton (Chair). 

"Be a collector of good stories about things that work."

This vibrant discussion considers the future of energy. Will our creativity and innovations have ensured the world’s remaining stocks of fossil fuels have been kept in the ground, or will they continue to have been burnt as carelessly as they have been for the last thirty years? WATCH NOW

changing STORY, with Dr Anna Pigott, Ben Rawlence, Marcus Brigstocke, Sherri L Smith, and Dr Amy Brady (Chair).

"Perhaps it's better to focus on stories about worlds we do want to create, rather than ones we want to avoid."

Despite our knowledge about the devastations of climate change, we have failed to engage the world’s communal imagination in such a way that it might drive a revolution of action. How might the right stories, told in the right place, at the right moment, change everything? WATCH NOW


changing JUSTICE, with Adetola Onamade, Cheryl Beer, Jojo Mehta, Syeda Rizwana Hasan, Scarlett Westbrook and Jane Davidson (Chair). 

"I can remember succintly the first moment that everything changed..."

How and where should responsibilities for tackling the climate and ecological crises fall, across countries and generations? changing JUSTICE explores what roles law and justice might play in helping us reach a low-carbon, sustainable future. WATCH NOW

changing CHANGE, with Dave mangenner Gough, Jay Griffiths, Dr Mya-Rose Craig (BirdGirl UK), Samia Zaman, Sophie Howe and Andrew Miller (Chair). 

“Intersectionality is at the core of every successful movement.”

What can we learn from our pasts to inform our futures and, importantly, what have we learnt about change over this last year of pandemic? About its limitations, its possibilities, and our ability as a species to embody it, in action as well as thought?  WATCH NOW

Everything Change was produced by Taliesin Arts Centre and Swansea University Professor in Creativity, Owen Sheers, in partnership with Dhaka Lit Fest and with support from the British Council.