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We are able to share with you Marc Rees’ performance as ‘artist in restoration’ when prototyping CROMEN at Taliesin recently, and here it is – CARBON < 19 a movement mantra.

Marc Rees  'artist in restoration'       

CARBON < 19 a movement mantra




Marc Rees tells us the process behind Cromen

As we begin the process of reopening, Marc Rees invites you to consider how art and culture can respond to a situation like the present one, and how it can provide a place for thought and reflection.

As we adjust to a new way of life 'with Covid', Taliesin Associate Artist Marc Rees undertakes an organized process of healing and recovery to remember how to be an artist.

We need to rediscover, rethink and rebuild, but better.

During a residential week, Rees created a prototype of his new project, CROMEN, a structure / sculpture to provide a counterpoint to personal and community trauma, to foster and nurture artistic expression essential to the well-being of individuals and the community, especially in times of stress and shock.

Later in the process, CROMEN will develop into a multi-purpose space, offering shelter, tranquility and space for reflection, a store and incubator of ideas, conversations, memories, discussion and performance.


25/09/2020 1.30-2.30PM

Articulture presents: Creative Landscapes - Collaborations- Online Live Event

Join StoryWorks' Lisa Heledd-Jones and some of the artists, producers, and land managers from the Creative Landscapes podcast series in a live chat to reflect on joint working now and in the future.

Marc Rees, Creator and Curator in conversation with David Gough, Independent Artist, Cultural Practitioner, Educator and Indigenous Cultural Services of Tasmania:


Taliesin supports Rees' latest project, CROMEN



Dave Mangenner Gough (creative brother), Jenny Hall (architect / designer), Eifion Porter (carpenter), Helen Ognjenovic-Morgan (textile artist) and Isabel Griffin (creative producer)

This project was made possible by the Arts Council of Wales Stabilization Fund through the National Lottery Fund

Thanks to Taliesin Arts Centre, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, University of Tasmania, Ten Days on the Island


Dance artist Luke Divall in conversation with Taliesin Associate Artist Marc Rees