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Reel Stories - Taliesin Film Club

Reel Stories

Taliesin Film Club – open to people 18+


Emerging from the Change Makers Festival, which celebrated Swansea’s heritage of activism and social change through heritage and art exhibitions, podcasts, films and creative workshops, Reel Stories (formerly, A New Kind of Home) is a project which began in autumn 2020.  Taliesin has partnered with the Fusion project, City of Sanctuary and Creu Cymru to connect with a group of refugees and asylum seekers living in Swansea, offering them the opportunity to create a programme of films that resonate with them and their life experiences. The group's final selection of films will be screened at Taliesin as part of Fusion's Changemakers Festival and will form the basis of on-going community-devised programming at Taliesin, entitled, Reel Stories.

Facilitator Zoe Murphy  led these online workshops throughout winter 2020 and spring 2021. The final selection of films  is featured in Taliesins autumn 2021, and winter 2022 film programmes. 


CROODS (U) Tues 26.10.21 4.30pm

CROODS 2 (U) Wed 27.10.21 4.30pm

HARRIET (12A) Wed 3.11.21 7.30pm