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City and the Sea

Our city is built on the hills and valley overlooking a horseshoe bay, with the old fishing village of Mumbles to the right and industrial Port Talbot to the left. Perhaps it’s this mix of landscapes that inspired our famous poet Dylan Thomas to give Swansea its reputation as an ‘ugly lovely town’.

Swansea is home to over twenty beaches and was Britain’s first designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, boasting over 97 miles of coastline and home to a plethora of nature reserves and special areas of conservation. But what is it about Swansea and its coastline that makes people fall in love with it? Why do some of us brave its cold seas every morning or decide to make the beach our office? On a blustery winter’s day in January 2022, we set off to find out more about our coastal history, our deep connection to the sea and the future for Swansea’s seaside environment.

A film celebrating Swansea’s incredible coastline and just some of the inhabitants who love it! Made as part of the Winter of Wellbeing Project by Taliesin, Elysium and Jamie Panton Video Services with young film makers and animators from across Swansea.



Made in partnership by – Taliesin Arts Centre, Elysium Gallery, Jamie Panton Video Services and young people from across Swansea.

Funded in part by Welsh Government and Swansea Council.