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Good Posture BBFC 15 Rating

Tuesday 26th November 7.30pm | Taliesin

Dir: Dolly Wells

USA 2019 1hr 31mins

Emily Mortimer, Grace van Patten, Nat Wolff

Set in present day Brooklyn, Lilian, a lazy but charming and beautiful young woman, has been placed into the care of a family friend and famed reclusive author, Julia Price. To impress her ex-boyfriend, and the other cynics around her, Lilian suddenly decides to make a documentary on Julia, with surprisingly amusing results.

“An endearing coming-of-age story, it is delivered with sincere wit and genuine emotion.” FILM INQUIRY

Tuesday   26   November   7.30pm

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  • Full price: £ 7.75
  • Under 18's: £ 6.5
  • Full time students: £ 6
  • Senior Citizens: £ 6.5
  • Other Concessions: £ 6.5

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Good Posture