Taliesin Cinema - Les Océans (The Oceans)



A French short film by Rémi Forte

With English subtitles

Starring Delphy Murzeau and Lawrence Valin

FREE EVENT but booking is required.


The film will be introduced by filmmaker Rémi Forte and followed by a Q&A.

A victim of a recent stroke, Emma has left home to spend her time convalescing on the French island of Belle-Île-en-Mer. A series of strange events occur which leave Emma inexplicably mute and alone as Khassim, her companion, vanishes.

A few words from Rémi Forte:

What can such an occurrence reveal about oneself and how can we recover? Is one left to struggle alone? These are just some of the questions I imagine this short film is asking its viewers. Emma's stroke has left her questioning everything in her life and it is now impossible for her to name that feeling she feels so deeply; impossible to describe the agony of Emptiness, the planned extinction, and the loneliness which are inherent to the human condition.

The disappearance of Khassim is another layer to the issues she faces. Not only is Les Océans about the singular self, it also follows the story of a couple who have found themselves and their relationship unrecognizable, possibly even unsalvageable.

The ocean featured in the film is the Atlantic, which borders Belle-Île-en-Mer. Having grown up on an island myself, I have always been fascinated with the ocean and it is this fascination that I want to share with my audience.

Emma’s suffering of post-traumatic stress disorder is accentuated with the addition of fantastic elements that weave throughout the film. To expand more on this would spoil the plot of the story. My short film exists between the two worlds of narrative and experimental cinema, and much of the storyline is left to the imagination of the audience to complete. I hope that the viewing of the film itself with be an unforgettable experience.


Running Time: 25 minutes + Q&A

Monday 8 April 4pm

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Mon 8th Apr


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Rémi Forte was born in Niort, France, in August 1986. He grew up on the French island of Île d'Yeu on the West coast, and then moved to the continent, in the region Vendée, where he passed his scientific baccalaureate (A-levels equivalent), with a minor in cinema. After studying Hypokhâgne and Khâgne at the Guist'Hau high school in Nantes (Undergraduate courses to prepare nationwide competitive exams in French top schools or universities), he obtained a master's degree in cinema at the Sorbonne in Paris under the direction of researcher Daniel Serceau and filmmaker Frédéric Sojcher. He then got himself into filmmaking and audiovisual production, in particular within the Production Company Agat Films, in Paris. He organized and shot documentaries, music videos and fictional videos, in Europe, North America and Africa. He has made several short films as well as the webseries "Les Lettres Photosensibles" in order to continue his thinking about the possibilities that cinema offers – and which is the youngest art in the world.