Taliesin Cinema - Hostiles BBFC 15 Rating


Dir: Scott Cooper

USA 2018 2hr 13 mins

Christian Bale, Wes Studi, Rosamund Pike

Set in 1892, Hostiles tells the story of a legendary Army Captain, who after stern resistance, reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief and his family back to tribal lands. Making the harrowing and perilous journey from Fort Berringer, an isolated Army outpost in New Mexico, to the grasslands of Montana, the former rivals encounter a young widow, whose family was murdered on the plains.

“Wes Studi gives a towering performance as an ageing Cheyenne leader being escorted home in Scott Cooper’s revisionist tale of the old west.” The Guardian

Tuesday 10 April

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Tue 10th Apr


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Full price:£ 7.75
Under 18's:£ 6.50
Full time students:£ 6.00
Senr.Citizens:£ 6.50
Other Conc.:£ 6.50