Associate Artists

Taliesin is proud to have worked, and continues to work, with some very talented Welsh artists. Three of those artists have made particularly significant contributions to the artistic output of Taliesin and helped put Swansea on the map as a major cultural hub.

In acknowledging this, Taliesin has invited composer John Metcalf, and artists Owen Griffiths and Marc Rees to become Taliesin Associate Artists. This closer association should provide for even more productive collaboration between Taliesin and the artists in making high quality new art for Swansea and further afield.


Taliesin, and significantly, its former Director, Sybil Crouch, has supported many artists over the years. In particular,  the founders and artistic directors of Frantic Assembly, which celebrated its  25th year in 2019. Here in their own words, they  remember those beginnings;

On 21 October 1994, Frantic Assembly performed their first ever work – a production of John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger at the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea. We've come along way since then and to mark the anniversary of our first performance, we are announcing a number of projects as part of a year of activity to celebrate 25 years of Frantic Assembly.

Frantic Assembly Co-Founder and Artistic Director Scott Graham talks about that first show, risk taking, collaboration, talent development and  their current shows and projects.

Always Forward, Never Back



You can see examples of Taliesin's associate artists' work  in the links below: