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Taliesin’s programme aims to inspire people through arts and culture to come together to better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

The current programme consists of a mix of contemporary performance including dance and theatre; music; film and broadcast. We programme work in English and Welsh, and have a strong international film programme.

We programme for all ages with work specifically aimed at children and young family audiences to enjoy the arts together or school groups with work that explores areas of the curriculum and the expressive arts.

We believe in the power of the arts to change lives, to inspire and encourage other’s own creativity whether as a child or adult and believe in the wide-ranging benefits which come from engaging and participating in the arts.

Our programme is supported by Arts Council Wales, Ffilm Cymru, and our main supporter, Swansea University. As part of our relationship with Swansea University, we host various performances and events for and with our student body and collaborate with colleagues across the curriculum to explore opportunities to create events that explore the themes and content of the programme in different settings.


Taliesin exists to enrich the cultural life of the region by presenting arts experiences for audiences in our spaces and on the streets of Swansea. A key part of what we do, involves collaborating with artists, audiences, and communities  to create innovative and ambitious joint projects.  To find out more about Taliesin's collaborative projects, please click here.

New ventures and partnerships

We enjoy working in partnership with artists, companies and festival producers to enable new work. For instance, by providing space ‘in-kind’ to full executive producing or co-producing agreements.

Welcoming artists and practitioners and a range of work in our commitment to reflecting contemporary Welsh society, we embed diversity within our programme, actively seeking out artists and companies who are working in the context of protected characteristics and working to attract new audiences as a result. 

Outdoor / Festival productions

We produce/present Swansea’s annual free outdoor dance festival, Dance Days which has been running since 2006, working with key partners/stakeholders within the city and presenting a wide-ranging programme of dance in outdoor and non-theatre spaces. This annual festival programme invites a range of companies and organisations, both local and international

Artists – getting in touch

Due to the significant challenges facing the sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our usual programming approach has had to adapt. At this time, we are committed more than ever to our vision for the future and will be keenly developing relationships with artists and organisations who are looking to achieve similar things.

We are keen to hear from those developing new ways to engage and connect with audiences, whether that is in doors using our 330-seat auditorium, outside in the streets of Swansea or the beautiful coastline and parklands, occupying digital space  or other innovations.

If you are an artist or producer looking to speak to us about your work, please contact us by email:  programming@taliesinartscentre.co.uk

Community performances – getting in touch

We love hosting performances by non-professional or community groups in our space. Due to covid-19 restrictions this isn’t so easy right now but please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about how this might work in the future.

Until further notice, we are not in a position to take bookings of this nature before April 2021. For information regarding hiring the venue, please contact us by email: programming@taliesinartscentre.co.uk

We are working with Welsh Government Guidelines to inform our decisions. You can find this information here: