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13th Edition

TALIESIN DANCE DAYS 2018 - Swansea's Free International Dance Festival

Saturday 7 July 7-11pm & Sunday 8 July 10:30am-5:30pm


Click here to download the programme as a PDF.


Dance Days 2018 Opening Night: Saturday 7 July 7-11pm

Join us at Unit Nineteen, Little Wind Street, SA1 1EE for a fun evening of dance performances - featuring Kitsch & Sync/The Lampshade Ladies and Cia Mar Gomez/La Vie En Rose - with music, refreshments and plenty of surprises!


Sunday 8 July 10:30am-5:30pm (look out for the lettered flags)

Join us around Swansea marina and National Waterfront Museum, SA1 3RD for a day packed with stunning dance performances!

10.30am Circus Eruption (Workshop - up to 12.30pm drop in) (D)

11.00am Spark Youth Dance - 'LET’S GO' (F)

11.05am County Youth Dance Company (B)

11.20am Sole Rebel Tap - 'BLUES & SHOES' (C)

11.35am Jessie Brett and Company in association with Hijinx Theatre - 'CROSSINGS' (J)

11.55am Acrojou - 'ALL AT SEA' (K)

12.15pm County Youth Dance Company (B)

12.30pm Spark Youth Dance - 'LET’S GO' (F)

12.30pm The Wheelabouts - 'BOUDICCA' (K)

12.35pm Sole Rebel Tap - 'BLUES & SHOES' (C)

12.50pm Highly Sprung Performance Co. - 'URBAN ASTRONAUT' (A)

1.15pm Cia Mar Gómez - 'LA VIE EN ROSE' (A)

1.50pm Jessie Brett and Company in association with Hijinx Theatre - 'CROSSINGS' (J)

2.05pm Kapow - 'GROW' (M)

2.20pm Sole Rebel Tap - 'BLUES & SHOES' (C)

2.35pm The Wheelabouts - 'BOUDICCA' (K)

3.15pm County Youth Dance Company (B)

3.30pm Acrojou - 'ALL AT SEA' (K)

4.00pm Dance with Sinjini - 'BOLLY MEDLEY' (F)

4.10pm Kapow - 'GROW' (M)

4.25pm Cia Mar Gómez - 'LA VIE EN ROSE' (A)

5.00pm Highly Sprung Performance Co. - 'URBAN ASTRONAUT' (A)


* Performances will go ahead throughout the weekend. Some slight adjustments may be made to times and locations if needed. Information will be on site if so.

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