Taliesin Live - Jean Toussaint Allstar 6tet


Chwechawd Jean Toussaint Allstar  


“Art used to say "it doesn't  matter how complex you want to play as long as you swing and play from the  heart" then he'd cite the great John Coltrane as an example. I owe it all to the great Art Blakey  and I'll be a Jazz Messenger for life." Jean Toussaint

Daeth y sacsoffonydd sydd wedi ennil gwobr Grammy, Jean Toussaint, i amlygrwydd i ddechrau drwy ymuno â Jazz Messengers Art Blakey yn 1982. Recordiwyd albwm ddiweddaraf Toussaint, ‘Brother Raymond,’ gyda’i brosiect All-Star Roots & Herbs. Mae’r gerddoriaeth yn adeiladu ar waddol Blakey ond, yn fwy na dim, mae’n cadarnhau lle blaenllaw Toussaint ym myd jazz modern. 

Mae’r traciau sy’n sefyll allan yn cynnwys yr un agoriadol ‘Amabo’, grŵf Affricanaidd wedi ei gyflwyno i Barack Obama. Mae’r trac teitl, a ysgrifennwyd er cof am frawd hynaf Toussaint a fu farw yn 2015, yn tynnu ar ddylanwadau hoff gyfansoddwyr Toussaint, “Duke” Ellington a Wayne Shorter.

"Art was one of the most  inspirational band leaders rated amongst some of the greatest. Names like Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Miles Davis comes to mind. They all had an inclusive  way of band leading that made each member feel a part of the family,” explains Toussaint. “Through  the music, Art encouraged us to strive and reach beyond ourselves and work as  one to create musical excitement while never losing sight of the audience.”


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Sadwrn 6 Hydref 7.30pm

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Sat 6th Oct

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Full price:£ 16
Under 18's:£ 14
Full time students:£ 14
Senr.Citizens:£ 14
Other Conc.:£ 14