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Further information for Artist/Producer call:


Who will the project be working with?

The project will be socially engaged. It will respond to and be driven by those involved, students, artists and community, centred around ideas of culture, identity and citizenship - working with the values of co-creation.

Who will set out the vision of the project?

Ultimately, we are very open to the creation and instigation of the artistic vision, building on a framework that has been put in place. It should be contemporary and ambitious in its approach, seeking to instigate conversation about a modern Wales in a rapidly changing world. The vision will be implemented by the lead artist, supported by the producer and will be developed from conversations and consultations with students, community members and project partners.

Who are the major stakeholders?

It will actively engage with communities that do not regularly participate in or feel represented by the arts in Wales and students and staff at each university e.g. there are 100+ student societies at each University, many of which are based on nationality, faith, culture, art, hobbies, academic etc. which could be directly relevant.

What role does the Lead Artist need to play?

The Lead Artist will set and lead the vision for the work that supports a rich and inclusive process and creates an ambitious art(s) event for audiences. We are open to what that could look and feel like but we would expect it to capture the imagination, excite and inspire. It will also need to be responsive to a COVID environment.

What is the expectation in terms of the outcome?
Beyond the inclusive process and art event for audiences we would hope that the process enables skills development for the participants. This might include opportunities for leadership development, improved employability and volunteering in informal and formal ways.

What do you need from me to make an Expression of Interest?

We are not looking for a fully formed idea, at this stage, but we would like you to tell us why you think you would be a strong candidate using the job description as a basis. You may want to talk about previous work of a similar nature. If invited to interview we will want to explore with you the kind of process you imagine delivering.

Which other roles will be engaged?

We imagine creative teams in each region to support the work of the lead artist, lead producer and participating groups. These will be recruited through processes following the engagement of the lead artist and lead producer. They will support by coordinating, delivering and capturing the activities and outcomes as the project develops. There will be some coordinating support from each organisation.

What is and total budget?

The total budget raised is £175,000 with the majority weighted towards fees for artists and creatives as well as budget to support access and materials etc. This should support all aspects of the project in all three regions.  The budget lines are flexible and will be set by the project team with the Lead Artist and Lead Producer after being appointed with revisions needing to be agreed by HEFCW.

How else has been involved in developing this project?

So far Student Unions in each location have been involved in the development of the project to date and we expect community representation and students to be involved in the recruitment processes.