Taliesin Cinema - In Safe Hands BBFC 15 Rating


Cyf: Jeanne Herry

France 2019 1awr 50 mnd

Gyda isdeitlau Saesneg

Sandrine Kiberlain, Gilles Lellouche, Élodie Bouchez

Dilynwn hynt a helynt babi bach o’i enedigaeth, i benderfyniad ei fam i’w roi i fabwysiadu, a’r eiliad y caiff ei fabwysiadu.

“Intelligently observed and backed by a strong cast, this well-performed ensemble piece oscillates between documentary-style study of the French social care system and [...] tearjerker” 

Nos Fercher 17 Gorffennaf 7.30pm

Prices and Times:

Wed 17th Jul

Pricing Information:

Full price:£ 7.75
Under 18's:£ 6
Full time students:£ 6
Schools.:£ 6
Senr.Citizens:£ 6.50
Other Conc.:£ 6.50