Taliesin Cinema - Let the Sunshine In BBFC 15 Rating


Cyf: Claire Denis
France 2017 1awr 34mnd gyda is-deitlau Saesneg.
Juliette Binoche, Xavier Beauvois, Philippe Katerine

Mae Isabelle, artist o Baris, a mam sydd wedi cael ysgariad, yn chwilio am gariad, gwir gariad, o’r diwedd.

“[…] Claire Denis’ new film about a single woman living alone in Paris is a sophisticated delight.” “This is grownup film-making, more savoury than sweet, seductive, oblique and carried by a wonderfully smart and emotionally generous performance from Juliette Binoche.” THE GUARDIAN

Nos Fawrth 22 Mai 7.30pm

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Tue 22nd May

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