Taliesin Live - Honey


Reaction Theatre Makers present


Written and Directed by Tiffany Hosking

Just like a jar of honey, this brand new play has sweetness, richness and depth. Come and explore a patchwork of life in the Welsh mountains where bees, bomb disposal and autism are all wrapped-up in folk music to squeeze your senses.

As wonderful as any bee’s waggle dance, Honey’s intimate story weaves together the lives of a young man, his mother, her tattoo artist sister and those that want to love them.

Whilst developed for an adult audience, Honey is also a rare opportunity for younger people to be introduced to modern theatre.

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes (inc. Interval)

'Truly was a triumph!' Broadway Baby

'Honey is beautiful, graceful, thoughtful...I feel creatively nourished!'  Audience Member

'Theatre is more, much more, than story. It's aesthetic ground is the making of pattern and pattern-within-pattern. Reaction Theatre Makers' work comes with much artistry.' Theatre Wales 

Thursday 3 May 7.30pm

Prices and Times:

Thu 3rd May


Pricing Information:

Full price:£ 12
Under 18's:£ 10
Full time students:£ 10
Senr.Citizens:£ 10
Other Conc.:£ 10