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In 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed his ship La Dauphine in search of the fabled North West Passage linking Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

He encountered unexplored and strange lands, eventually believing he had found a sea linking the two. Unfortunately Verrazzano had only discovered a river estuary, which led further into land.

This error of navigation has been a starting point for these new works by Adrian Paul Metcalfe, exploring this imaginary sea, and examining the limitless possibilities of that which may or may not exist.



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GalleonLaDauphineWEB.jpg (event)Adrian Paul Metcalfe’s latest exhibition features the spectacular mixed-media sculpture of La Dauphine. Standing some six feet high and nine feet long, his own re creation of the sixteenth century galleon was the catalyst for this collection.

Vibrant oil paintings, silk screen prints and glowing watercolours allow you to contemplate time and place.

‘ seek to engage with the possibilities of existence and celebrate the richness of life. I hope visitors will explore the work for themselves, find their own meanings and enhance their own voyage of discovery.'

Adrian Paul Metcalfe