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12th Edition


Swansea's Free International Dance Festival

Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 July, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Volcano Youth Company

Ten Minutes Longer

In partnership with Frantic Ignition. Choreographed and directed by Catherine Bennett.

'Ten Minutes Longer' is the second piece by Volcano Youth Company. Created for Novemberfest 2016, it is an intense and playful movement sequence which riffs on the passing (and the standing still) of time.

Volcano Youth Company is a new venture for young people aged 13-22, which aims to encourage young performers to think, speak and move for themselves and to develop their skills and confidence in a professional performance environment. The company makes funny, adventurous, authentic theatre derived from whatever currently intrigues, infuriates or inspires young people. It is mentored and managed by Volcano Theatre at the company’s venue in Swansea High Street.

www.volcanotheatre.co.uk | Watch the videos here.

Facebook: @volcanotheatrewales

Twitter: @VolcanoUK

Saturday 8 July, National Waterfront Museum - Main Hall, 12:15pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm



'Nomadis' is a dynamic and physical duet exploring the relation and dynamics of a first encounter, an encounter that forms an instant connection. As the connection grows stronger we see the two bodies interlinked in a fluid vortex of pulsating movement. Watch as you see the tension and relationship unfold in front of your eyes. An animalistic crossing where instinct is the only thing left.

Having presented their work at Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and across festivals in Spain and Italy, HumanHood are very excited to be presenting their work to UK audiences.

In 2014 Rudi and Julia started creating their own work under the name Humanhood. Previous works include Madrid Choreographic competition awarded and Masdanza official selection short duet ‘The Masks Behind Doors’ and outdoor piece ‘nomadis’. The primary areas of investigation of the company are science, in particular quantum physics, neuroplasticity and altered states of perception. The ongoing research focuses on questioning the reality we live in.

humanhood.net | Watch the trailer here.

Facebook: @humanhooddance

Twitter: @humanhooddance

Saturday 8 July, National Waterfront Museum Garden, 2:20pm, 3:50pm
Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum Garden, 12:00pm, 2:40pm


County Youth Dance Company

Festival regulars present an ensemble piece of contemporary dance. The County Youth Dance Company members, all aged between 14-21, will weave their way through the festival in a lively promenade piece, created by company artistic directors Julie Hobday and Luke Ganz.

The County Youth Dance Company, established in 2002, builds on the nationally renowned work of the former West Glamorgan Youth Dance Company, which between 1981 and 1997 created over forty original dance pieces.Many of their former students have gone on to established successful careers within the dance and performing arts industries.


Facebook: @countyyouthdancecompany

Twitter: @cydc1

Saturday 8 July, National Waterfront Museum - Main Hall, 12:30pm, 2:40pm, 4:10pm
Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum - Main Hall, 11:00am, 12:40pm, 3.00pm


Citrus Arts

Shipwrecks - Receivers of the Wreck

Performed on a specially commissioned structure by the sculptural artist Will Datson, with a soundscape by Craig Byrne and set & costume design by Ruth Stringer.

'Shipwrecks' is inspired by stories of historical shipwrecks around the Welsh coast, through to the modern day where vast vessels trawl, transport, and dump the spoils of our global economy. ‘Ghost Fishing’ is a term for the flotsam and jetsam of modern trawling cut loose in the seas that continues to do its job, even though no-one is benefitting from it. Our Ghost Fishers are a band of shipwreck survivor-scavengers lost in time, who dredge and sift through this debris to bring the human stories laying the ocean’s floor up to the daylight.

Acclaimed South Wales circus-dance-theatre company Citrus Arts are a creative force in mixing contemporary circus with theatre, dance, and progressive thinking. It is a Wales based company founded in 2009 by artists James and Bridie Doyle-Roberts. Their shared backgrounds in circus, street theatre, drama, dance, and education projects, have given them opportunities to work alongside, learn, and share expertise from some of Europe's leading practitioners in an exciting range of places and situations.

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Creu Cymru.


Facebook: @citrusartsuk

Twitter: @CitrusArtsUK

Saturday 8 July, National Waterfront Museum Garden, 12:50pm, 4:30pm
Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum Garden, 1:15pm, 3:20pm




Supported by The Arts Council of Wales; Theatr Ardudwy - Theatr Iolo - Chapter Arts Centre - The Dance Centre - ISAN - Creu Cymru - University of Salford - Dance Manchester.
Choreographed by: Eithne Kane and Beth Powlesland. Performed by: Eithne Kane and Beth Powlesland.

'Adrift' is a story told through dance, theatre, circus, and music, which takes the audience on a journey, bold and exciting, moving and sensitive. We are thrown to and fro, catching and losing hold of each other. As we linger precariously at the rafts edge we convey the vulnerability of our seas, the effects of our actions and our responsibility to one another in this unpredictable landscape. Using the strength and determination of an all female cast, we explore the complex balance of strength, vulnerability, power and fragility in both the characters and our oceans.

Kapow is a collaboration between Eithne Kane and Beth Powlesland, who met in 2012 while working with Tilted Productions. It's a meeting of two independent artists and a merging of dance, theatre, physical partnering and storytelling. We create exciting and engaging work for inside and out, working with women's bodies to create something moving, dynamic and athletic.

www.kapowdance.co.uk | Watch the trailer here.

Saturday 8 July, National Waterfront Museum - South Dock, 1:35pm, 3:00pm
Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum - South Dock, 11:40am, 2:20pm

Gary & Pel

The CarCrash Wedding

Commissioned by Articulture, in collaboration with the Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium. Supported by the Arts Council Of Wales.

Gary & Pel have just said 'I do' and are driving off into the sunset… It’s the happiest day of their lives until their celebration takes a turn for the worse as their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What will the bizarre newlyweds do next? Expect wedding bells, chaos and laughter. 'The CarCrash Wedding' is a 10 minute live action cartoon escapade for all ages to enjoy, featuring slapstick humor and dynamic dance.

Gary & Pel are a live action cartoon theatre company based in Cardiff, Wales. Alex Marshall Parsons created the Gary & Pel concept in 2012 whilst writing his dissertation at Edge Hill University where he studied Dance, Drama and Physical theatre. Alex has been a part of Earthfall, Bombastic dance and Gary Clarke Company and was recently nominated for best male dance artist at the 2016 Wales theatre critic awards.

www.garyandpel.com | Watch the trailer here.

Facebook: @GaryandPel

Twitter: @GaryandPel

Saturday 8 July, Princess Way, 12:40pm, 2:00pm, 3:20pm
Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum City side, 11:20am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm

Jukebox Collective Performing Arts Academy

Featuring Jodelle Douglas & Kate Morris

The Jukebox Collective is a creative company passionate about celebrating diversity, connecting to culture, inspiring achievement and encouraging freedom of expression through the narrative of dance. Recognised as a leading UK institution for dance education, performance and consultancy, Jukebox aims to bridge the gap between community and professional work through its three strand approach: Participation, Creative Services and Performance. Jukebox offers a training and development programme for talented young individuals looking to pursue a career as a performing artist.


Facebook: @Jukeboxacademy


Saturday 8 July, Castle Square, 1:20pm & 3:00pm


Mr and Mrs Clark


Commissioned by Articulture, in collaboration with the Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium. Supported by the Arts Council Of Wales.

After a year of incredible election results, streams of political rhetoric, and fanatical posturing Mr and Mrs Clark explore the body postures, facial expressions and hand gestures of those promising to hand back control and make their countries great, again. Electioneering is the plight of two politically ambitious characters applying the fictitious self-help CD A Dummy’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Politician in an hilarious attempt to improve their standing with the public. How will you vote?

Mr and Mrs Clark live and work in South Wales, where they have been making performance, live art and dance theatre since 2002. Often their work has a playful and interactive element inspired by happenings and live art events that bring art forms and people together. They have a DIY approach to exploring and developing ideas.


Facebook: @DasClarks

Twitter: @MrandMrs_Clark

Saturday 8 July, Oxford Street, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:40pm
Sunday 9 July, Dylan Thomas Square, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm


Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre


'Bounce' is an all-age dance show fusing contemporary dance, breakdance and acrobatics, innovatively using a 2m x 6m moveable bouncy floor. This piece deals with climate change, rising sea levels and a world threatened by global warming. Can three eccentric, bouncing scientists find a solution to global warming? Can the world bounce back from impending disaster? Prepare to be wowed by a fusion of contemporary dance, acrobatics, and breakdance with lively and engaging choreography by award-winning Cardiff-based Harnisch-Lacey Dance. 'Bounce' sends us on a physical mission to stop climate change and to save a world threatened by rising sea levels. Come and join us on this exciting journey!

Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre is committed to producing high quality original dance theatre, integrating and combining cross genre dance, music, theatre and film; and thereby challenging existing notions of stage and performance spaces. HLDT’s work offers audiences the opportunity to embark on their own personal experience.

www.harnischlacey.com | Watch the trailer here.

Facebook: @HarnischLacey

Twitter:  @HarnischLacey 

Saturday 8 July, Oxford Street, 1:45pm, 4:00pm
Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum South Dock, 12:30pm, 4:45pm


Company Chameleon

Of Man and Beast

Told through a series of conversations created through dance and movement, 'Of Man and Beast' provides a powerful and sensitive look at male dynamics and behaviour. The piece follows a male group of friends in a range of different scenarios. Bravado is high and aggression is rife - you have to be tough, funny, fast if you’re part of the gang. With complex group dynamics and a shifting pecking order, cracks in the group begin to appear, and soon the characters are forced to question, their individual identity and just what it means to fit in and belong. Tightly packed and purposefully fast, Of Man and Beast is different throughout, showcasing Company Chameleon’s unique physical style and a rich mix of dance and movement techniques. Anthony Missen’s choreography is both gritty and graceful and is brought to life through the stunning athletic ability of the five exceptional male dancers. A thought-out soundtrack adds to the drama and features Rage Against the Machine alongside original music by award-winning composer, Miguel Marin.

Based in Manchester, Company Chameleon is a touring dance theatre company created in 2007 by Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner, which produces inspiring and original productions. Today, Company Chameleon tours internationally to wide acclaim and performs over fifty indoor and outdoor performances a year. In 2015, Company Chameleon was nominated for Best Independent Company at the National Dance Awards, and in the same year was a Manchester Theatre Awards nominee, for the Robert Robson Award for Dance.

www.companychameleon.com | Watch the trailer here.

Facebook: @companychameleon

Twitter:  @chameleon_info 

Sunday 9 July, National Waterfront Museum - West, 12:00pm, 4:00pm


The Maria Evans Academy of Dance

The Maria Evans Academy of Dance  is situated in the old Miners Mission building in the Hafod, which was set up by the Gallery’s founder Richard Glynn Vivian in 1906. Dancers aged from 7 years old to 16 years old will treat you to a range of performances, programmed to coincide with the current Hayward touring exhibition, Elizabeth Price curates IN A DREAM YOU SAW A WAY TO SURVIVE AND YOU WERE FULL OF JOY. The exhibition runs until 28 August.


Saturday 8 July, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, 1:00pm, 2:15pm

C-12 Dance Theatre

Secret Encounters

Four immersive movement pieces appear and disappear in public spaces. Funny, technical, physical and an online tinder date, these pieces are a window into relationships having removed all performance related accessories such as the music, listings, performance times, a curtain call, allowing unsuspecting audiences to experience special, subtle and human relationship moments in a natural way. Each choreographer, Sally Marie, Corey Baker, Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster and Tony Adigunhas, created a short movement piece, which responds to the theme ‘First encounters that last forever’.

Established in 2005, C-12 are an award winning dance theatre company, creating accessible and emotional driven work that makes audiences think and or feel. The company won the Argus Award in 2012 for ‘Trolleys’, at the Brighton International Festival, and won the London Inspire Award in 2015, for making dance accessible to the dance community and the wider public.


Facebook: @c12dancetheatre


Catch it if you can! Experience this surprise event around the Quadrant Shopping Centre on Saturday 8 July, and at Dylan Thomas Square on Sunday 9 July...

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